Seminar 14P - Communication Strategies: Talking to the Press and More
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar.

Monday, October 09 | 9:00PM–9:00PM
Session Type: Resources
Most professionals equate talking with a reporter with a trip to the dentist. Developing effective ways to communicate with the press is an important step toward developing a successful communications strategy. By choosing to invest in developing such a strategy, you will also find that, over time, you can clearly and routinely articulate your vision, concerns, opportunities, and accomplishments to other stakeholders like your boss and the larger community. Successful leaders are effective communicators. And one true test of an outstanding communicator is talking with the press effectively and effortlessly.


  • Paul Gandel

    Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University
  • Kandice Salomone

    Associate Dean, Administration, The College of Arts and Sciences; Associate Prof, Syracuse University