Disaster Planning: Maintaining Academic Programs During a Pandemic

Thursday, October 25 | 9:10AM–10:00AM | Ballroom 6B
Session Type: Professional Development
Many campuses are exploring how information technologies might play a critical role, when disaster strikes, in ensuring the continuity of their most essential business, educating students. This panel will explore how Web-based services can be used to minimize the impact on instruction of a significant shutdown of the physical campus. Not all disasters have the same uniform impact; this panel will emphasize how to plan the process, from course preparation to delivery, for pandemics like Avian Flu.


  • Cathy Kelley

    Associate University Provost for Educational Resources and Assessment, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Jonathan Mathews

    Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Daniel Tan

    Group Chief Learning Officer, Taylor's University

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