Library Lightning Round

Wednesday, October 29 | 3:15PM–4:05PM | Room W230AB
Session Type: Professional Development
Join us for a lightning-fast tour of six projects—from digital media and asset management to developing research commons and online communities to building a Web 2.0 institutional repository—that promise to shape the library of the 21st century.

Extreme Makeover: Building a Digital Asset Management System
Kathleen Olivieri, Mississippi State University
Needing an affordable system for capturing, storing, retrieving, and managing digital assets and unable to find what we wanted, MSU built its own media management system, integrated with Blackboard.

Good Business Intelligence Evolution: Designing Library Instruction Programs for the 21st Century
Christopher Sean Cordes, Western Illinois University
This presentation will cover developing a collaborative course processing system; implementing online student evaluation forms for promotion, tenure, and teaching improvement; web analytics for assessing tutorial use; spreadsheet development for predicting and planning program focus and growth; and online needs assessment for determining instruction program focus.

NJVid: A Collaborative Portal for Statewide Video Access
Sandra L. Miller, William Paterson University of New Jersey
NJVid is a collection and service-driven portal and repository initially funded by IMLS, the Institute of Museum and Library Services. NJVid will provide New Jersey's K•20 institutions, museums, and libraries state-of-the-art video access.

Research1: Developing an Online Community for the Sharing of Research
Andre Tan, ResearchChannel, University of Washington
Research1 is an online community that allows researchers to collaborate with peers, share their work, and interact with the general public through project-related digital media, blogs, and forums.

Build It and They Will Come: Expectations for the Research Commons
Carolyn Walters, Indiana University
By supporting technology and traditional scholarship in one location, planners of Indiana University's Research Commons hope to meet the pent-up demand of graduate students and faculty. Learn about the vision, partners, and expectations.

When MySpace Meets D-Space: Building a Personal/Institutional Repository
Gary Natriello, Teachers College, Columbia University
We will present our Web 2.0 system that allows library staff and individual faculty, administrators, and students to create collections of materials and document them directly in the institutional archive.


  • Helen Chu

    Assistant Vice Provost, Learning Spaces, Stanford University
  • Sean Cordes

    Instructional Svs Coordinator, Western Illinois University
  • Sandie Miller

  • Gary Natriello

    Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Kathleen Olivieri

    Lead IT Consultant, IT Infrastructure, Mississippi State University
  • Carolyn Walters

    Dean of Libraries, Indiana University Bloomington

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