Top-Ten “Gotchas” for the New CIO

Wednesday, October 29 | 3:15PM–4:05PM | Room W224CD
Session Type: Professional Development
Moving to the CIO role presents exciting opportunities and serious challenges. This session will focus on what the new CIO does not know about the institution and the surprises or “gotchas” that upset the best-laid plans for a smooth transition. Ten classic gotchas will be discussed, along with strategies for anticipating and addressing them. In addition to new or aspiring CIOs, this session will benefit librarians, department heads, and directors transitioning to new positions.


  • Pattie Orr

  • Robert Renaud

  • Joanne Schneider

    University Librarian, Professor in the Libraries, Colgate University
  • Dennis Trinkle

    Director for the Center of Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) and Director of the Applied Research Institute, Ball State University

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