Blackboard, An EDUCAUSE Gold Partner - Special Panel Discussion: Your Campus on a Smartphone, and the Future of Mobile Education

Thursday, November 05 | 12:45PM–1:35PM | Korbel Ballroom 2C
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
What's your mobile strategy? As more students use iPhones, smartphones and other mobile devices to manage their social, personal and academic lives, it's a question of increasing importance to higher education officials. At some institutions, forward-thinking leaders have harnessed mobile technology to begin reshaping the campus experience as we know it. In a special panel discussion, they'll talk about how they're using mobile to bring campus life and services not just to students and faculty, but to a much broader group of campus stakeholders. Joined by industry leaders and Blackboard executives, they'll talk about how they got started, share insight on early progress and discuss where mobile will go next. The forum will also offer a look the popular iPhone and mobile Web apps that have some of today's students navigating campus maps and course catalogs, connecting with instructors or classmates and getting updates on teams and events • all with the tap of a finger.


  • Tom Black

  • David Morton

    Director Retired - Networks & Telecommunications, University of Washington