Client Services Lightning Round

Thursday, November 05 | 3:20PM–4:10PM | Meeting Room 707/709/711
Session Type: E09 Hybrid, Mentoring Home, Resources
Mine diamond ideas in this multifaceted client services lightning round. You'll discover ways to crystallize high-quality client experiences from your peers, from managing diverse teaching and learning spaces to supporting upgrades through multimodal training to interacting with clients to find their "we want it now!" applications to keeping in-the-pipeline projects transparent to application producers and consumers.

4D: Providing Multidimensional Documentation
Amy H. Berryhill, Mississippi State University
Upgrades! Upgrades create problems when they require user reconfiguration or installation. Learn how MSU eliminates reported user problems by providing multidimensional documentation that addresses all levels of computer knowledge.

Quanyx: The Customized Project Status Reporting System
Jason Tiffin, Mississippi State University
Learn how MSU created a customized web-based system to prioritize, track, and generate reports of fee-based projects. Quanyx can provide reports of time, notes, and status of individual projects.

Technical Triumphs and Battle-Scars with Classroom Technology Lecterns
Kathleen C. Olivieri, Mississippi State University
After installing and maintaining over 80 technology enhanced class rooms in 33 buildings, Mississippi State University has triumphs and battle-scars to share.


  • Amy Berryhill

    Lead IT Consultant, ITS User Services, Mississippi State University
  • Kathleen Olivieri

    Lead IT Consultant, IT Infrastructure, Mississippi State University
  • Marden Paul

    Director, Planning, Governance, Assessment, University of Toronto
  • Jason Tiffin

    Director, Enterprise Information Systems, Mississippi State University

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