Networking & Infrastructure Lightning Round

Wednesday, November 04 | 11:30AM–12:20PM | Meeting Room 707/709/711
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
During this lightning round, your colleagues will share their experiences with research and infrastructure in lively five-minute presentations. Hear more about disaster recovery, server virtualization, data management, and outsourcing e-mail. Get together with the presenters at community showcase sessions later in the afternoon.

Campus Server Virtualization
Keith McIntosh, Pima County Community College District
Want a robust infrastructure, better control over servers and applications, and to meet increased demand? Learn how PCC reduced IT costs, increased efficiency, and improved services.

Consolidation, Utilization, and Virtualization: Data Centers Can Do More for Less
Karl Horvath, Gwynedd-Mercy College
When deep cost-cutting is part of the budget-planning process, IT departments can find significant savings by overhauling outdated data centers and technical infrastructure.

Improving Data Center Efficiency and Reliability.
Stephan Lengacher, McGill University
Eighteen hours of downtime and productivity loss in our service units resulted from a routine scheduled power transfer. We will share important lessons learned that are now incorporated into our BCDR plan.

Start Small and Think Big: Building Access Management
Liz Salley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Access management enables the right people to use the right resources. Learn how your colleagues have solved small access management problems in preparation for building a larger enterprise infrastructure.


  • Linda Deneen

    Retired Director, Information Technology, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Stephan Lengacher

    Manager, NCS - Server Infrastructure & Integration, McGill University
  • Mac McIntosh

    Vice President & Chief Information Officer, University of Richmond
  • Liz Salley

    Product Manager, Information and Technology Services, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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