Seminar 02F - Cutting-Edge Library Services: A Primer for (Future or Current) CIOs, CTOs, and Instructional Technologists

Tuesday, November 03 | 9:30AM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 402
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
This workshop is geared toward technology professionals who have significant interactions with or responsibility for library operations—or for anyone interested in getting up to speed on the latest developments in libraries. We will discuss topics including libraries and open-source software, information literacy, metadata and why it's important, national library initiatives and standards, Web 2.0 tools and incorporating them into library services, collaboration between technologists and librarians, institutional repositories, and digital library projects. The workshop is designed to provide a foundation for those new to library management as well as an opportunity for librarians to rethink existing services and programs.


  • Abby Clobridge

    Founder and Consultant, FireOak Strategies LLC
  • Eric Hinsdale

    Client Services Manager, University of Nebraska at Omaha