Seminar 06A - Demystifying Grants: A Model for Indentifying, Pursuing, and Managing Academic Technology Grants

Tuesday, November 03 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Meeting Room 301
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
Grants can be mysterious, confusing, and even intimidating. However, we contend that as technology managers and leaders, we must begin to take an active role in the identification, pursuit, and management of technology-related grants.

The Academic Technology team at Immaculata has developed a model that has enabled it to effectively identify, pursue, and manage grants. Over the past three years, the department has been directly involved with seven different grants, yielding over $500,000 for the university. In addition, the team has successfully trained, collaborated with, and supported a number of university faculty and staff, enabling them to pursue their own grants. In the past three years, that indirect support has yielded an additional $650,000 for the university.


  • Rich Cosgriff

  • Rick Kralevich

    VP, Information & Instructional Technology, Anne Arundel Community College