Seminar 07P - Web 2.0 and the Changing Face of Education: Hands-On "Prosumer" Education in Practice

Tuesday, November 03 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 505/506
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
They have names like, Facebook, Twitter, and Netvibes, and new Web 2.0 applications are popping up in our browsers daily. But what's all the hubbub about?

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of Web 2.0 technologies and the impact of this shift to a “prosumer” (producer/consumer) model of processing information. Learn how these technologies are shaping how Millennial students—who are more likely to use their cell phones for text than voice and are four times more likely to be gamers than golfers—choose to learn. In this workshop, we will experiment with many important Web 2.0 technologies, gain an understanding of each technology and how it fits into the larger Web 2.0 shift, and explore the technology's potential uses in education while contributing to a collaborative resource document to use after the seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: Wi-Fi-enabled laptops are required in order to participate in the significant hands-on component of this workshop. .


  • AJ Kelton

    Director, Center for the Digital Humanities, Montclair State University
  • Sarah Smith-Robbins

    Director, Emerging Technologies, Indiana University Bloomington