Seminar 18P - Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: A Strategic Path

Tuesday, November 03 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 507
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
You can develop a strategic roadmap for using open-source software and free services such as Moodle, Open Office, and Google Apps for Education. As budgets shrink and as software compatibility issues grow, it's time to determine if open-source and alternative software services can be strategic tools in higher education. You will learn the difference between "free" and "open source," and we'll provide you with tips for evaluating open-source software. Specific software like Moodle will be discussed.

Tips for handling issues of institutional culture will be discussed in areas such as working with administrators, faculty, and students; communicating with campus constituents; and transitioning commercial licensing cost, along with training and resources required for sustaining long-term faculty and student support. Finally, we will provide a comprehensive overview and CD of our favorite open-source software tools.


  • Kent Brooks

    IT Director, Casper College
  • Steve Prater

    Chief Technology Officer, Western Oklahoma State College