Seminar 20P - Video Record and Publish Brief Interviews of Campus Events, Conference Poster Sessions, and More

Tuesday, November 03 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Korbel Ballroom 4D
Session Type: E09 Hybrid
Participants need no interviewing or cinematographic experience—they learn to use simple low-cost tools, resources, and techniques to video record interviews and publish results on the web, thereby extending access to campus events and poster sessions beyond the limits of time and place. This activity also adds a valuable new dimension to a live event by facilitating direct and intense engagement among participants who might not interact with each other otherwise.

Last year we offered this training and support at several academic conferences, enabling video novices to record brief, informal interviews with presenters, especially during poster sessions. Many of the resulting "e-clips" were published on the web soon afterwards and were well received by interviewers, interviewees, and colleagues.

View sample video recordings from the 28th International Lilly Conference on College Teaching.


  • Steve Gilbert

    President, The TLT Group
  • Sally Gilbert

    Director of Administration, The TLT Group