Converged Communications Working Group Meeting

Tuesday, October 12 | 9:00AM–6:00PM | Grand Ballroom Salon J, Ground Level, Marriott Hotel
Session Type: E2010
The focus for the Communication, Collaboration, and Mobility (formerly Converged Communications) Working Group session will be on the future of campus communication services. Our main themes will include:

1) Telephony Services and IntegrationIf you were to embark on a new voice services project, what are some of the equipment and service offerings you would likely explore? The topics will range from traditional VoIP PBX solutions such as those from Avaya and Cisco, to the IT space and Microsoft's OCS solution, to carrier-grade soft-switch technology, to new possibilities in the open-source software space. New service delivery, collaboration visions, and integration possibilities (from interactive/personal videoconferencing to electronic access to RFID) will also be discussed. When does IP-based service delivery completely replace copper voice circuits and the coaxial video cable plant?

2) Wireless and MobilityWhat are schools doing to provide in-building cellular coverage and how is it being financed? What possibilities exist for fixed mobile convergence in terms of integrated services from a cellular carrier, soft clients for handsets, and gateway solutions? Does Wi-Fi cellular integration have a role in your network? Could wireless eventually replace much of the wired network access on your campus? Will WiMAX and/or 4G cellular eventually supplant the need for ubiquitous Wi-Fi? How can all of this contribute to our pedagogical missions?

3) Other TopicsTopics may include the future of 4G cellular services, federated voice services, interinstitutional project ideas, new forms of campus funding models, and more. We will also reserve time for one of our traditional WHAMP (What's Happening at My Place) discussions, where we share and learn from each other's trials and tribulations.

Everyone is invited to attend.