End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research: Implications for Your Campus

Wednesday, October 13 | 3:30PM–4:20PM | Ballroom A
Session Type: E2010
Most campuses today provide shared Internet connectivity only to the end user's labs, despite the existence of national-scale optical fiber networking capable of multiple wavelengths of 10 Gbps dedicated bandwidth. This "last mile gap" requires campus CIOs to plan for installing a more ubiquitous fiber infrastructure on campus and to rethink the centralization of storage and computing. Such high-bandwidth campus "on-ramps" will also be required to enable remote clouds to store gigabyte- to terabyte-size data objects, which are routinely produced by modern scientific instruments. This session will review experiments at UCSD that preview how to build a 21st-century data-intensive research campus.


  • Larry Smarr

    Director, Calit2, University of California San Diego

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