IT Management Lightning Round

Thursday, October 14 | 3:00PM–3:50PM | Ballroom E
Session Type: E2010
Addressing multiple requests for localized and enterprise-wide solutions to address broad campus needs can challenge the most robust IT organization. Representatives from multiple campuses will discuss consolidation, collaboration, governance, portfolio management, and effective communication.

Project Portfolio Management: Doing the Right Projects
Richard Clay Fulton, Carnegie Mellon University
Join us as we explore Carnegie Mellon Computing Services' project submission process, designed to improve IT governance, provide early disclosure and vetting, and ensure strategic alignment.

Pick It! Plan It! Do It! Success with IT Project Management
John Prette, IT Project Manager, George Mason University
E-mail, LMS, IdM, SIS: projects are everywhere, and deadlines are tight. George Mason University's project management framework helps minimize project pain points while ensuring consistency and repeatability.

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Developing Effective IT Communication Strategies
Maureen H. Scoones, Hamilton College
As IT professionals, we strive to create visibility and understanding of what we do, translating technical jargon into clear statements. While it may be uncomfortable to examine our "failures," doing so can yield valuable lessons.


  • Kelly Block

    Assoc. VP for Admin. IT Services, University of Illinois Central Administration
  • Clay Fulton

    Senior Application / System Analyst, Carnegie Mellon University
  • John Prette

    Director of Information Technology, University of Notre Dame
  • Maureen Scoones

    Associate Director, LITS Finance & Resources, Hamilton College

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