Seminar 02P - Using the Horizon Report in Planning and Implementation

Tuesday, October 12 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 204C
Session Type: E2010
Since 2004, the Horizon Report has been an invaluable tool for identifying the emerging technologies and trends that will impact education. However, the Report is much more than an annual printed booklet: it can provide a tested roadmap on which to base tactical and strategic institutional planning and decision-making. This workshop starts with a preexisting Horizon Report, and outlines processes to bring it to your campus. We will look at models for evaluating and choosing technologies based on your institution's strengths and constraints, illustrated throughout with real-world examples and analyses from other institutions. By the end of the day, we will have worked through a set of strategies and procedures to help you inform and direct decision-making on your campus. Participants in the "Grow Your Own Horizon Report " workshop will also find that some of the processes covered there find further use within this framework.


  • Wayne Brent

  • Cyprien Lomas

    Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre, The University of British Columbia
  • Ruben Puentedura

    President, Hippasus

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