Seminar 16P - Leading a Successful Instructional Technology Program from the Middle of the Organization

Tuesday, October 12 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 210C
Session Type: E2010
Leading a successful instructional technology program from the middle of the institution requires diverse and well-honed leadership skills for three distinctly different leadership situations: establishing respect and recognition by upper management, partnering with on-campus constituents and off-campus colleagues, and successfully managing and growing instructional technology staff. During this workshop, four experienced instructional technology leaders will guide you through the skills needed for leading up, across, and down. This session will provide concrete strategies for working through complex situations in all three areas, including successful approaches from varied perspectives. Participants will engage actively, each contributing to the conversation while thinking carefully about these challenges from a director's perspective and establishing new strategies for facing their own situations. Additional resources will be provided to help facilitate this work at participants' institutions.