The CIO: Plumber or Strategist?

Thursday, October 14 | 3:00PM–3:50PM | Ballroom D
Session Type: E2010
As higher education faces dramatic changes in the financial, student, and competitive landscapes, what is the role of the CIO? Some institutions are focusing on the bottom line and favoring IT leaders who can deliver—who can be the plumber keeping it all going on safely and quietly in the walls and under the walkways. Others seek IT leaders who actively co-shape research and education with the faculty and leaders of the academy. Still others aren't sure or ambiguously proclaim both—or try to balance the opposite poles. This session will rigorously debate the pros and cons of "CIO as plumber" and "CIO as strategist" for the needs of higher education in this decade.


  • Brian Voss

    Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Clemson University
  • Brad Wheeler

    James H. Rudy Professor of Information Systems, Indiana University

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