Kuali Mobility Services: In Production, Supporting HTML5 and Device Independence

Wednesday, October 19 | 3:30PM–4:20PM | Meeting Room 108B
Session Type: E11
Kuali Mobility is a freely available community-source project resource for colleges and universities that connects many campus services like the LMS, bus routes, athletics, maps, the library, and more to a common mobility platform. Mobile services are an urgent, strategic imperative for extending campus systems to the handheld devices students, faculty, and staff use. Kuali Mobility incorporates leading, industry-standard mobility software modules to support HTML5 and get beyond supporting native applications for each type of mobile device. Release 1.0 is in production, with Release 2.0 targeted for December 2011.


  • Ted Dodds

    CIO and Vice President for Information Technologies, Cornell University
  • Brian McGough

    Director, Enterprise Integration and Chief Software Architect, Indiana University