Seminar 05A - Day CAMP: Getting Started with Identity Management
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, October 18 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Meeting Room 104A/B
Session Type: E11
Hearing about identity management and wanting to know what it's about? New to the topic and want an overall map of where the pieces fit? Register for this seminar to find out why many people think identity management can transform the way your institution operates and how to move it forward.Appropriate for all audiences, this session will include a case-study discussion as a way of answering the following questions: What is digital identity? What is identity management? What terminology do I need to know? What business and technology components do I need in place? What are the primary reasons for implementing identity-related services? How can I talk with my colleagues about identity management?This preworkshop seminar is intended to provide the needed identity management background for the afternoon session, "Day CAMP: Getting Started with InCommon Federation."


  • Jacob Farmer

    Manager, Identity Management Systems, Indiana University
  • John O'Keefe

    Vice President for Information Technology Services, Lafayette College
  • Ann West

    AVP, Trust and Identity, Internet2