Seminar 07A - Cut, Grow, Prosper, and Repeat: IT Financing in the New Economy
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, October 18 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Meeting Room 107A/B
Session Type: E11
Years of budget retrenchment have set a new normal. We can try to survive funding cuts in an episodic manner, or we can holistically transform our organizations to continually thrive, grow, and prosper in this environment. We can fund strategic plans and emerging technologies, attract and retain critical human capital, and retire services. We can learn to embrace this dichotomy: the pain of budget cuts is essential to our continuing renewal and vitality. A CIO chartered a committee in 1997 to identify potential savings while planning the consolidation of two IT organizations on separate campuses. What started out as a single episode of funding cuts has evolved into an annual process with its daily routines and vernacular hard-coded into the minds and vocabulary of an entire organization.This seminar aims to share insights into this transformation process. Attendees will learn the fundamental elements, processes, and strategies necessary to effect this transformation in their organizations. Please Note: a laptop is required for this seminar.


  • Laurie Antolovic

    Associate VP and Deputy CIO, Indiana University Bloomington