Seminar 19P - Planning, Implementing, and Managing Online Programs
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, October 18 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Meeting Room 116
Session Type: E11
According to a 2010 Sloan Consortium survey on U.S. online education, online enrollments have seen a 20% annual growth rate. Nearly 60% of the 2,590 institutions surveyed believe that online education is critical to their long-term strategy. It is therefore necessary that institutions pay special attention to planning, implementing, and managing online programs.This seminar will focus on the key issues that dictate the success or failure of an online program. We will focus on the technology infrastructure needs, faculty and support services needs, budgetary planning, program review, and online student learning assessment issues. We will also address questions such as: How do the online programs fit into the overall institutional long-range planning, budgeting, and educational effectiveness framework? What strategies are successful in managing online programs so that curricular standards are met, new students are recruited, and enrolled students are retained? Please Note: a laptop is required for this seminar.


  • Kartikeya Patel

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psycology)