Seminar 21A - Dual Coasting—Teaching from East to West: The Risks and the Rewards
PLEASE NOTE: This seminar will be held offsite at Drexel University. Separate registration and fee are required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, October 18 | 9:30AM–1:00PM
Session Type: E11
Please note: This session will be held offsite at Drexel University, buses will leave the Philadelphia Convention Center promptly at 8:30 a.m.

This session is geared towards CIO's and Senior IT leaders. The objectives of the session focus on enabling participants to make more well-informed decisions relative to alternative methods for facilitating virtual teaching and learning events - from a variety of perspectives. Session objectives also include facilitating engagement between CIOs and IT thought leaders regarding the risks and rewards for higher education professionals to use synchronous technologies and networks to teach courses remotely. Session goals include identifying the risks and rewards of deploying technologies and related elements for teaching courses remotely, and determining how to measure academic effectiveness, impact, and future viability. Attendees can then determine whether similar approaches would position them to deliver their own academic content using alternative methodologies. The session organizers will facilitate several activities. Drexel leadership will present their experiences from three years of supporting coast-to-coast graduate-level courses, convocations, other high-profile events, as well as myriad special sessions. Then Drexel experts will demonstrate high-definition videoconferencing; showcase webcasting capabilities; discuss postproduction editing, archiving, and streaming; and share experiences regarding lecture capture and high-profile event management, along with planning, tracking, and facilitating multidimensional, demanding sessions.


  • Mike Scheuermann

    Retired IT Professional / Adjunct Online Faculty, Drexel University