Which IT Strategy and Why? Betting on Clouds, Collaboration, and Contracts (or Contrarians?)

Friday, October 21 | 10:30AM–11:20AM | Meeting Room 114
Session Type: E11
Is there such a thing as a coherent IT strategy among the myriad decisions that confront IT leaders? Is each new or replacement system a unique challenge, or is there value in a larger plan? CIOs from major CIC (Big Ten) institutions will debate their own experiences in making those decisions and assess the road ahead.


  • Dave Gift

    Senior Advisor, Community Engagement, Internet2
  • Klara Jelinkova

    Vice President and University CIO, Harvard University
  • Kevin Morooney

    Vice President for Trust and Identity, NET+, Internet2
  • Brad Wheeler

    James H. Rudy Professor of Information Systems, Indiana University

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