Community and the Cloud: Shaping the Future of Technology Services for Higher Education

Thursday, November 08 | 10:10AM–11:00AM | Four Seasons Ballroom 2-3
Session Type: E12

The speed of adoption of cloud services has been impressive by almost any measure. The scale of infrastructure-as-a-service offerings has exploded to levels never before achieved by even the largest of companies. Today's students have access to millions of applications from the palm of their hands. Is your campus environment moving quickly enough to migrate services to take advantage of cloud scale? Legitimate concerns about pricing, security, contract terms, and more have held many campuses back. We will explore how, by working together as a higher education community within Internet2, we have been able to address these issues and more to bring the power of the cloud quickly and effectively to our campuses.


  • Laura Patterson

    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Shel Waggener

    President, University of California, Berkeley
  • Brad Wheeler

    James H. Rudy Professor of Information Systems, Indiana University

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