Seminar 01F - Completing the Cycle: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing E-Portfolios (separate registration required)

Tuesday, November 06 | 9:00AM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 402
Session Type: E12

In this full-day seminar, the workshop leaders will provide an overview the e-portfolio experience from conceptualizing and creating e-portfolio content to using rubrics for assessing content to planning for program or institutional e-portfolio projects. The workshop has three main phases, each supported by hands-on experiences and discussion. The first phase focuses on developing student activities for useful portfolio content. Participants will explore new online instructional technologies and discuss the creation of student-centered e-portfolio activities. The second phase focuses on the development and incorporation of reflective practice in a variety of disciplinary and technological settings. The third phase "completes the cycle" and demonstrates through hands-on activities how effective assessment practices can provide useful feedback to both the student and the institution.


  • Jennifer Sparrow

    AVP, Research and Instructional Technology, New York University
  • Teggin Summers

    Assistant Dean and Director of Educational Technology, Stanford University
  • Marc Zaldivar

    Director, Curriculum and Assessment, Virginia Tech

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