Seminar 01P - How to Foster Agile Working Groups at Your Institution (separate registration required)

Tuesday, November 06 | 1:30PM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 403
Session Type: E12

Today's campus service organizations tend toward linear thinking and respond to needs based on past practices and established protocols. How can we transition the culture of these service teams to be more flexible to address new and innovative demands? How can we make existing staff empathetic to the demands on our faculty and students, support research and the changing academic delivery, and advocate changing their own roles within the organization? We must shift thinking at all levels of the organization. A prime opportunity exists in the training of the managers of these teams. We must impress on these key personnel the importance of agile working groups and provide them with the tools to meet our rapidly changing education environments. In addition to presentations, interactive activities, small-group discussions, and reports, we'll develop a strategy to create a community for further discussions and interactions beyond this session.


  • Fred Brittain

  • Veronica Longenecker

    Director of Liberal Arts IT, The Pennsylvania State University

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