Bring Your Own Credential: Providing Access to Campus Services with Social Identities (Google, Yahoo, Twitter)

Thursday, October 17 | 10:10AM–11:00AM | Meeting Room 212A/B
Session Type: Professional Development
Social identities have become ubiquitous, and federated identity management continues to grow in popularity. Schools are looking at eliminating the creation of institutional credentials for groups like parents or research/project collaborators, allowing users to bring their own social credentials. Learn how collaborations are developing "Social2SAML" gateways to make this possible.

Learn how to integrate social identities with existing federated identity management systems. | Determine how to benefit from authenticated access without issuing an institutional identity. | Learn about hosted solutions and open-source solutions.


  • DEDRA Chamberlin

    CEO, Cirrus Identity, Inc.
  • Chris Keith

    Assistant CIO, Enterprise Applications, Brown University
  • John Krienke

    Director, Internet2
  • Catherine Zabriskie

    Senior Director Digital Learning & Design, Brown University

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