Building for Global Collaboration: Transforming Your Campus Learning Spaces through Pedagogy, People, Technology, and Vision

Wednesday, October 16 | 12:40PM–1:30PM | Meeting Room 208A/B
Session Type: Professional Development
This session will focus on strategic planning to design learning spaces with emphasis on pedagogy, people, technology, and vision. We will examine the importance of establishing design standards matching pedagogical needs with institutional technology and infrastructure support plans. We discuss design principles for mobile, connected, visual, and interactive learning for the global campus.

Discuss the importance of learning space design standards that match pedagogical aims. | Learn why involving students, faculty, support staff, and executive groups is critical. | Realize that strategic planning is vital to developing learning spaces and must involve talent from across the institution.


  • Maya Georgieva

    Senior Director, Innovation Center / XR, AI and Quantum Labs, The New School