Copyright Challenges Facing Higher Education

Friday, October 18 | 9:00AM–9:50AM | Ballroom C
Session Type: Professional Development
There has never been a more challenging time for higher educational institutions in relation to copyright law and policy. Georgia State University's electronic course reserve policy has been challenged as copyright infringement. The University of Michigan and other library partners of Google are fighting in the courts to establish that it is fair use to make digital copies of books for purposes of preservation, text mining, and access to print-disabled persons. Congressional hearings have been held to consider comprehensive reform of copyright law, and the head of the Copyright Office has announced her interest in overseeing "the next great copyright act." But will the outcomes be great for higher education or just for copyright industry groups?

Join us for an extra 30 minutes in the 3rd floor foyer for an opportunity to continue the conversation immediately following this session.


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