Dissecting a MOOC: A Critical Examination of Current Pedagogy and HarvardX: One Year In

Thursday, October 17 | 4:45PM–5:15PM
Session Type: E13OL

Dissecting a MOOC: The presenter will choose two current MOOCs on two different platforms and examine them for alignment with known, effective online teaching and learning practices. She will use California State University, Chico's Rubric for Online Instruction as the guideline. Discussion and interaction with the participants will surround identifying opportunities for improvement, what might be a priority, and how exactly-in the context of the MOOC platforms-improvements might be implemented.

HarvardX: One Year In: In May 2012, we began work on our first EdX courses at Harvard. Over this past year, we have bootstrapped the HarvardX organization and its processes for design, production, delivery, and assessment of courses and modules. We will share our lessons learned and talk about the future of educational experimentation at Harvard.

Realize that all online learning must be well designed to ensure learner success. | Learn how online learning principles differ from those of traditional classroom-based learning. | See how examination of emerging trends is needed.


  • Samantha Earp

    Vice President for Information Technologies & Chief Information Officer, Smith College
  • Jenni Hayman

    Chair, Teaching and Learning, Cambrian College
  • Katie Vale

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