ECAR's 2013 Study The State of E-Learning in Higher Education: An Eye Toward Growth and Increased Access

Friday, October 18 | 9:00AM–9:50AM | Meeting Room 204B
Session Type: Professional Development
The expansion of e-learning initiatives has been driven by an increase in post-traditional learners, who desire flexibility in scheduling and location. In addition to providing increased access, e-learning can contribute to increased enrollments and revenue, enhance an institution's reputation, and enrich the teaching and learning experience. We present results from a comprehensive study characterizing the current state of e-learning in higher education. We will review insights into the challenges of e-learning, concerns that remain about e-learning, the most important factors to consider in selecting e-learning technologies, and specific steps institutions can take to make progress in their e-learning initiatives.


  • Jacqueline Bichsel

    Director of Research, CUPA-HR

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