Ethics and Analytics: The Limits of Knowledge and a Horizon of Opportunity

Thursday, October 17 | 9:00AM–9:50AM | Meeting Room 204B
Session Type: Professional Development
The realms of academic and learning analytics are in need of ethical frameworks to address issues associated with student autonomy, information confidentiality, and predictive modeling. This interactive session will involve small-group discussion surrounding a frontier of ethics and its contribution to innovation in and use of new analytics systems.

Learn the importance of developing a set of ethical frameworks to understand the effects of analytics. | See how ethics can be a partner to innovation. | Realize there are pioneering new ethical typologies to analyze education and technology.

Additional information on some of the topics we'll be discussing can be found in the article "Ethics, Big Data, and Analytics: A Model for Application."


  • Matthew Pistilli

    Director, Assessment & Research, Iowa State University of Science and Technology
  • James Willis

    Independent Scholar, Indiana University

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