Flipping the Introductory Physics Classroom: Clickers Are Primary, Lectures Are Secondary

Thursday, October 17 | 2:30PM–3:20PM | Meeting Room 204C
Session Type: Professional Development
Built by educators for educators, i>clicker provides user-friendly technology that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically through question-and-answer polling. The structure of an introductory physics course has been revamped so that clicker questions (multiple-choice and alphanumeric) are the primary component of the lecture period, and the lecture is delivered to students online and asynchronously.

Learn how i>clicker creates an interactive classroom, enabling instructors to elevate student engagement and increase learning outcomes | Hear about the ability to use conventional remotes or personal smart devices | Discover this reliable, easy-to-use technology


  • Roger Freedman

    Lecturer with Security of Employment, Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara

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