Leading a Culture of Innovation (Note: This session was streamed live for the online audience only and was not recorded). Opening Remarks and Awards Ceremony (Note: The recording is available.) - Sponsored by Pearson, Platinum Partner

Wednesday, October 16 | 9:00AM–10:30AM | Exhibit Hall A
Session Type: Professional Development

Note: "Leading a Culture of Innovation" was streamed live for the online audience and was not recorded; however, the opening remarks and awards ceremony can be accessed below.

Sir Ken Robinson, internationally acclaimed expert on creativity and innovation and author of Finding Your Element, The Element, and Out of Our Minds, has worked with some of the world's leading creative organizations-in the corporate, educational, and cultural fields. In this presentation, he will identify three myths about innovation that hold many organizations back and the basic practices that drive the most innovative organizations ahead of the pack. He will also present a three-tier strategy to generate "systemic innovation"; across the whole organization. He will then identify the three core roles of creative leaders to make this happen. Key topics will include the need for "systemic innovation"; the relationships between imagination, creativity, and innovation; the three levels of systemic innovation; and the basic roles of creative leaders.


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