Openness Constituent Group

Thursday, October 17 | 5:30PM–6:20PM | Meeting Room 207A
Session Type: Professional Development
So you're interested in joining that new open project, but do you know what you're getting into? The opportunities and advantages of educational resources developed by open communities of practice have been touted both for individual campuses and for education as a whole. Openness enables co-creation, free distribution, peer review, and more, all promising to increase quality while reducing costs. But not all of the growing number of "open" initiatives offer the same advantages to contributors and collaborators. Further, not all campuses may have the interest or capacity to distinguish and leverage the affordances offered by different communities. This session will provide insight into how to identify and participate in organizations that align with your campus's interests in open communities of practice.

Session panelists will provide advice and resources for those interested in participating in various open projects, including open educational resources, open courses/content and open source software.

Paul Erickson, Enterprise Architect, Office of Information Technology Services, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Robert Farrow, Research Associate, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University; Kim Thanos, Founder and CEO, Lumen Learning


  • Doug Johnson

    Manager, Digital Teaching & Learning Initiatives, University of Florida
  • Ken Udas

  • David Wiley

    Chief Academic Officer, Lumen Learning