Seminar 01Z - The Hawkins Leadership Roundtable

Tuesday, October 15 | 8:00AM–8:00AM
Session Type: Professional Development
Designed for senior IT leaders and new or aspiring CIOs who are looking to refine their executive leadership skills, the 2013 Hawkins Leadership Roundtable will focus on high-level IT issues so that participants can discuss important leadership concerns and engage in intensive networking with colleagues and experienced IT leaders. Participants will meet, share with, and learn from a cohort of peers at similar stages in their careers and a council of experienced CIOs and senior leaders in the community during small-group discussions and one-to-one networking opportunities. Separate registration is required and includes hosted lunch sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, an evening reception on Wednesday, and hosted breakfast on Friday, as well as activities and information before and after the conference week. You must register for both the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Anaheim and the Roundtable.