Seminar 12P - Sharpening the Sword: Brain-Based Learning Strategies (separate registration required)

Tuesday, October 15 | 1:30PM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 213C
Session Type: Professional Development
How can scientific discoveries about the way humans learn and remember inform the way teachers teach? What are teachers experiencing in the classroom that could be informed by more brain research? Cognitive neuroscience is making rapid strides in areas highly relevant to education. However, there is a gulf between current science and direct classroom applications, and ample "neuromyths" abound. The past two decades have marked great strides in neuroscience research. Recently, research specific to the adult brain has informed the fields of adult education, including online adult education. Breakthroughs in educational research and practice and new knowledge in the brain sciences are being shared and communicated in ways that have begun to result in improved outcomes for students. What do we already know about learning and the brain? What do you know about neuroscience research? What do you need to know? Come and explore these questions in this seminar.


  • Ed Bowen

    Director of Outreach & Partner Relations, Dallas College