Teaching and Learning Lightning Round - Furniture provided by Steelcase, Gold Partner

Thursday, October 17 | 9:00AM–9:50AM | Meeting Room 304A/B
Session Type: Professional Development
Flipped Classroom: Your Steps to Success
Shay David, Kaltura
Due to increasing need for stimulating, dynamic learning experience, many institutions are adopting the concept of "flipped classroom." We will discuss best practices of flipping the classroom using video.

Flipping Made Easy
Marie Larcara, Canisius College
Experience a flipped model and learn why and how to flip your own classrooms to improve content learning, develop critical thinking, and solve management issues.

The Flip Side of Flipped: What the Data Say about Engagement in the Active Learning Classroom
Jessica Knott, Michigan State University
Based on data gathered from both students and faculty after a semester of teaching and learning in Michigan State's active learning classrooms, we'll briefly discuss what really works when it comes to flipped and blended environments.

Reinventing the Classroom
Rebecca Kessler Williamson, Boston University
The Boston University School of Management strives to create an atmosphere of experiential learning through the innovative use of technology. Come hear how our faculty turn that vision into reality.

Maps, Steps, and Tips to Help You Get a Grip on Classroom Flipping
Anne Minenko, University of Minnesota
Come take a trip through a nest of frameworks and a supplemental website to help you clip flipped classroom challenges and deliver hip higher-order learning.


  • Rebecca Kessler Williamson

    Project Manager for Digital Learning and the LMS, Boston University
  • Jess Knott

    AVP of Community Strategy, Experience, and Management, Online Learning Consortium
  • Anne Minenko

    Faculty, University of Minnesota

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