Turning Big Data Analytics into Personal Student Data

Thursday, October 17 | 6:30PM–7:20PM | Ballroom B
Session Type: E13

The Department of Education's MyData Button, along with Lone Star College System's Educational Positioning System (EPS), transforms big data into personal data that navigates students toward career paths. This innovation allows 80,000,000 U.S. students to track, position, and navigate their personal educational journey using their personal data.


Learn why 95% of systems sold to institutions have hindered personalized ownership. | Learn why MyData Button is a breakthrough in the future of personalized education systems. | Understand the effect it has on helping students and parents take ownership.


  • Shah Ardalan

    President, Lone Star-University Park, Lone Star College System
  • Christina Robinson Grochett

    Chief Strategy Officer for Innovation and Research, Lone Star College System

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