Climbing the Leadership Ladder: An Insider's View of the CIO Search Process

Wednesday, October 01 | 5:30PM–6:20PM | Meeting Room W206A
Session Type: Professional Development

Building the next steps in your career development requires an understanding of the current attributes and experiences that CIO search committees seek. Rising and aspiring CIOs must establish readiness, while sitting CIOs must demonstrate their progress from operational to strategic leadership with the agility and adaptability to move to institutions of different scale or mission. Next Generation Executive Search will share insights into how search committees vet candidates and how candidates can best prepare to compete for CIO roles.

OUTCOMES: Identify successful strategies for job seekers and avoid common pitfalls * Gather advice to help improve interview readiness and gain a competitive edge * Improve career management strategies when seeking a first CIO position or the next CIO position


  • Mary Beth Baker

    Managing Partner, Next Generation Leadership Partners LLC
  • Phil Goldstein

    Managing Partner, Next Generation Leadership Partners LLC

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