Leadership Lessons of History from the American Presidents

Wednesday, October 01 | 11:30AM–12:30PM | West Hall A2
Session Type: Professional Development, Resources
A struggling economy. Two wars. A nation starving for leadership. While President Obama faces a myriad of complex issues, this is not the first time an American president has been forced to confront confounding problems. Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of America's most treasured historians, will provide stories, insights, and analysis of the men who have assumed the presidency and the difficult political, social, and economic issues they faced. Drawing on her award-winning biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson and her new book on Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft, Goodwin brings the past alive, allowing listeners to learn from the stories of some of our most fascinating leaders. Whether looking at how the presidents dealt with the complexities of working with Congress or the challenges they faced dealing with the banking systems and business community, Goodwin focuses on the individual qualities that make our leaders great.