Leveraging Data for Strategic Advantage

Tuesday, September 30 | 11:30AM–12:20PM | Meeting Room W209A/B
Session Type: Professional Development

Campuses are increasingly turning to data to support all aspects of higher education's mission, including using it to improve student success (e.g., learning analytics) and to bolster strategic decision making (e.g., business intelligence). A critical foundation for these important uses of data is effective data management (e.g., data governance). In this session, we will explore some of the challenges data presents to higher education technology leaders, highlight some best practices in each of these areas, and engage campus leaders in crafting practical solutions to these challenges.


  • Sharon Blanton

    Vice President of Operations, The College of New Jersey
  • Steve Landry

    CIO, Seton Hall University
  • Jon Phillips

    Education Industry Futurist, Dell Technologies
  • Fred Richards

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