Seminar 2A - The State of Social Media Guidance: Implications of Guidelines, Policies, and Practice in Higher Education (separate registration required)

Monday, September 29 | 1:30PM–5:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Higher education institutions are using social media to communicate and engage their campus community; however, very few are examining the impact and implications of social media guidance. From research to practical applications, this seminar will detail the current state of social media guidance in postsecondary education and identify key elements of guiding principles that offer suggestions for student support, teaching, training and development, research, infrastructure, and more.

Participants will be able to: Articulate current higher education social media guidelines and policy document trends, categories, themes, and patterns emerging from research * Identify practical components for effective social media guidelines for campuses * Create meaningful guidelines and policies to positively impact teaching, learning, research, and development at your institution


  • Tanya Joosten

    Senior Scientist + Director, Digital Learning R&D + DETA Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Laura Pasquini

    Program Manager, Amazon Web Services