Success through an Inclusive Approach: Unified Communications at the George Washington University

Wednesday, October 01 | 3:40PM–4:30PM | Meeting Room W309A/B
Session Type: Professional Development

The George Washington University approached the selection and implementation of a next generation communications infrastructure through heavy stakeholder involvement and a disciplined collaborative partnership. Decentralized IT, Safety and Security, Facilities Management, Procurement, Academic Affairs, and other offices collectively informed a requirements process, platform selection, business case preparation, and successful implementation.

OUTCOMES: Learn how a stakeholder community collectively owning an investment and implementation can help build better business alignment * Identify inclusive approaches to business case development that can be applied at other member institutions * Achieve better outcomes through next-gen technology infrastructure


  • Michael Briggs

  • Marcy Day

    Project Manager, The George Washington University
  • Chuck Mance

    Director, Communications Engineering Services, The George Washington University
  • Ed Martin

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