The Trifecta Effect: Strategic Planning, Governance and Project Management

Tuesday, September 30 | 11:30AM–12:20PM | Meeting Room W305A/B
Session Type: Professional Development

What happens when a well-developed strategic plan, a KISS governance model, and a formal project management methodology converge? The Trifecta Effect! Attend this workshop to hear how Lone Star College System's Office of Technology Services transformed the way IT projects are planned, governed, and managed. Learn why you need all three to produce lasting institutional change and, most importantly, how to produce the Trifecta Effect in your organization.

OUTCOMES: Gain or enhance your knowledge on how to better align your planning process to budget planning * Gain insight on how to adapt governance to better fit your organizational culture * Learn how to deliver continuous improvement strategizes through innovation and service excellence


  • Mario Berry

    VP of IT/CIO, Texas Southern University
  • Marian Chaney

    Associate Vice Chancellor, Analytics & Institutional Reporting, Lone Star College System

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