Aggregating Demand and Supporting Successful Implementations of Courseware

Friday, October 30 | 9:00AM–9:50AM | Wabash Ballroom 3
Session Type: Professional Development
A hurdle in the path to adoption for many high-quality courseware products with the potential to deliver personalized learning to thousands of students is simply being discovered and selected by faculty and administrators. Emergent courseware providers face adoption headwinds as they compete against major publishing companies that have historically dominated the market with large sales forces, deeply rooted distributor and bookstore relationships, and dedicated faculty users. In this session, Tyton Partners will share highlights from its research on the digital courseware adoption process, and panelists will share how their organizations are driving innovation in postsecondary content distribution to improve efficiency and ultimately support the discovery of the best products to meet the needs of faculty and students.

br>Outcomes:Highlight innovations of courseware providers, distribution companies, and institutions seeking to improve efficiency and transparency in the postsecondary content selection and distribution process; discuss remaining gaps in the process and have a generative conversation around how other stakeholders may contribute to and strengthen the process


  • Shannon McCarty

    Vice President, Learning and Instruction, Calbright College
  • Eddie Watson

    Associate Vice President, Association of American Colleges & Universities