Evolution of the Learning Platform Environment: Where We're Headed and Why

Thursday, October 29 | 10:10AM–11:00AM | Meeting Room 233-234
Session Type: Professional Development
Institutions' investments in instructional technologies and support lag far behind those in administrative IT. This investment dynamic presents particular challenges as institutions strive to make sense of and capitalize on the wave of innovation occurring across learning platforms and the teaching and learning applications landscape, driven by a vibrant ecosystem of emergent businesses and historical incumbents evolving their platforms to co-opt and channel the needs and expectations of institutional stakeholders. In this session, Tyton Partners will share perspectives from ongoing work on the depth and breadth of learning platform innovation in higher education, and panelists will share how their organizations are transforming institutional teaching and learning environments and their views of where the learning platform ecosystem is headed.

Outcomes:Highlight evolution and innovation occurring in the learning platforms ecosystem; understand the intersection of established providers and entrepreneurial ventures; understand opportunities and challenges with which institutions are grappling in evolving their teaching and learning environments


  • Katie Blot

  • David Kim

    Founder & CEO, Ace Learning Company, Inc.
  • Jenn Stringer

    Associate Vice Chancellor for IT & CIO, University of California, Berkeley