Moving to the Cloud: Evaluating Providers, Overcoming Roadblocks, and Other Lessons from the Internet2 NET+ Program

Thursday, October 29 | 3:40PM–4:30PM | Meeting Room 231-232
Session Type: Professional Development
This panel will discuss the challenges faced by campuses in moving to the cloud and describe emerging best practices for properly evaluating cloud services on technical, financial, security, and other characteristics, as well as the implications for compliance and data governance. We will highlight the experiences of over 100 higher education institutions in the Internet2 NET+ program that have contributed to the development of best practices.

Outcomes: Better understand how to analyze, assess, and mitigate key risk factors in working with cloud service providers * Learn how you can participate in and share the benefits of the "community cloud" process described by the Internet2 NET+ program


  • Jerry Grochow

    Research Affiliate, Sloan School of Mgmt, MIT
  • Lynn Johnson

    Professor & Associate Dean, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Michele Norin

    Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • Khalil Yazdi

    Resident Ed Tech CIO, Yazdi and Associates, LLC