Designing Inclusive Culture: Modeling Behaviors in a Balanced Org

Wednesday, October 28 | 11:00AM–11:20AM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Simulive
As grassroots initiatives strive more to push organizations toward excellence in DEI, modeling plays a large role in crafting a narrative that folks can rally behind. We will move participants from thought to action by imagining together what an ideal organization might look like in terms of not only structure but also function and culture.

Outcomes: Explore what others see as diversity and inclusivity and how their ideal organizations present it * Conceptualize and discuss your thoughts on what an ideal and balanced organization looks like * Develop a framework for building diversity and inclusivity goals for your organization


  • Steve Burrell

    Vice President of IT & CIO, Northern Arizona University
  • Marcia Dority

    Program Leader, Leadership Coach, MOR Associates, Inc.
  • Jess Knott

    AVP of Community Strategy, Experience, and Management, Online Learning Consortium
  • Jackie Milhans

    Director, Research Computing and Data, Northwestern University
  • Mike Richichi

    Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, Baruch College/City University of New York